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FireVent is the Premier Manufacturer of Ventilation Training Props

FireVent, LLC. is the leading manufacturer of mobile and stationary ventilation training props for the fire service. Our units are made for the rigorous demands of the fire service and designed to function and perform year after year. Each unit is custom built from the ground up here in the USA. The quality and craftsmanship of FireVent’s products are unmatched and our attention to detail is seen in every unit that we produce. You simply can not beat FireVent in function, versatility and value!

Ventilation... and much more!

All FireVent units offer a wide variety of quality training evolutions at a very affordable price! Training applications including: roof top, variable pitch, vertical ventilation; gable end ventilation; forcible entry (conventional and “through the lock”); overhead door cutting; Haz-Mat; confined space entry; through the floor / basement rescue; ceiling pulling / breaching; second story window rescue and ladder evolutions; firefighter bailout; firefighter entanglement; rit drills; wall breaching. etc...